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About Us

Our Healing Purpose

As a division of Thorne Research, we offer the same quality standards in our animal product line as we do for our human products We’ve developed the most advanced, scientifically-based veterinary formulas in the world, and we give veterinarians and pet parents the tools to use them more effectively.

About ThorneVet

Through science and education we help you gain more knowledge more efficiently so you can stay on the leading edge of nutritional support for companion animals. Not only do our supplements heal animals more effectively (and that’s proven through research with every supplement we create), our educational efforts are designed so vets and pet owners understand the knowledge behind how animals heal.
Through the most advanced, scientifically-based supplements, plus education on how to more effectively use suplements and other beneficial practices, we can all heal more animals. It’s this combination of science and education that has made ThorneVet the leader in transforming the animal health product industry.
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Our Standards

The leader in transforming how you treat and heal your companion animals The highest standard of pet supplements you can give your dog, or cat to help them live the best life possible.

Carefully Considered Products Made Without Compromise

The single-most important reason ThorneVet is trusted by veterinarians and pet owners around the world is because they know ThorneVet products are made with the highest degree of quality possible.

They know this, in part, because Thorne Research, our parent company, is the sole provider of nutritional supplements to 11 U.S. National teams, as well as dozens of teams and hundreds of athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and UFC. If Thorne quality is good enough for our Olympic athletes, then we hope ThorneVet quality is good enough for your companion animal.

GMP Certified

ThorneVet has been a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) since 2002, and we undergo rigorous on-site NASC quality audits every two years. The NASC Certificate of Compliance indicates that ThorneVet complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines to manufacture, package, warehouse, and distribute ous products.
See our most recent GMP Certificate of Compliance HERE.
Learn more about the National Animal Supplement Council at their website HERE.
It’s why ThorneVet has the NASC Quality Seal on all of our products.

100% Clean Ingredients

Highest quality ingredients – manufactured 100-percent clean – with complete supply chain transparency – made with no ingredients on ThorneVet’s “No List”.
ThorneVet uses the same raw material suppliers that Thorne Research does. And just like the trainer on a U.S. national teams or a major league baseball team wants to know Thorne products are safe for their athletes, we think you also want to know ThorneVet products are safe for your companion animal.

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Keep checking back for new articles focused on adding value and insights to the animal health industry.

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We love our Vets and Animal Health professionals. We’re building out a vet portal that will provide you with discounted prices as well as a growing library of resources, training, and more.
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