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Returns and Exchanges

What is ThorneVet’s 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied for any reason with a ThorneVet product you purchased from one of our authorized resellers, then return it to the place of purchase for your money back, a store credit, or a replacement product.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with a ThorneVet product you purchased from our website or from one of our authorized sellers and you are not able to reach a satisfactory resolution with the seller, then call our Customer Service Department at 800-225-6116 to request a refund or a product credit for a future purchase from ThorneVet. You must contact us within 30 days.

Can I return or exchange a ThorneVet product that is past its expiration date?

ThorneVet does not normally issue a refund or exchange a product that is past its expiration date; however, if you have a wholesale account with us, then contact our Customer Service Department for further assistance.

Can I return a ThorneVet product that I am not satisfied with?

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with a ThorneVet product after you have received it, then ThorneVet will help create a solution for you. We want to make your purchasing experience with ThorneVet as satisfactory as possible. You can always call our Customer Service Department at 800-225-6116 during its hours of operation.

I am a veterinarian and one of my patients returned one of your products. Can I receive a credit for this product?

Yes. ThorneVet will accept a product return or product exchange from one of your patients. The best way to do this is to contact ThorneVet while the patient is in your office so we can obtain the information we need about why the product was returned.

How do I return or exchange a ThorneVet product?

To return or exchange a product you purchased from ThorneVet or from a veterinarian, please call our Customer Service Department at 800-225-6116 or email to receive specific instructions on returns and exchanges.


Does ThorneVet Ship Internationally?

Yes we do! A flat fee for Canada shipments is $14.99. All other international shipments have a flat rate of $49.99. For questions about international shipping, please contact our Customer Service Department at

Are there shipping fees charged on my order?

Veterinarian orders that have a minimum purchase of $150.00 receive free “Ground” shipping. If your wholesale order total is less than $150.00, then a shipping fee of $11.99 will be charged to your order. Expedited shipping, such as overnight shipping, is available by request, for an additional shipping fee. Contact ThorneVet Customer Service for additional information. For international orders (outside the United States and Canada), there is a flat shipping fee of $60.00.

When will I receive my order?

If your order is placed before 2:00 pm Mountain Standard time, Monday through Friday, then we will do our very best to ship your order that same business day. Your order should arrive within five business days after the day it is shipped, barring any unforeseen issues. Overnight and expedited orders are also shipped and delivered Monday through Friday (no weekend service). Please call ThorneVet Customer Service if you have an urgent order. International orders can expect up to 4-6 weeks for delivery, barring any Clearance/Customs issues. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise that can delay a shipment’s arrival.

How does my order ship?

Based on the delivery schedule that you select; your order will be shipped within the United States using one of our preferred carriers, such as Federal Express or UPS. Currently, all international shipments are shipped via Federal Express.

Are your packaging materials recyclable?

All of our packing and shipping materials are made from recycled materials, including the envelope.

Will I receive an automatic notice each time before an auto-ship order is shipped?

Yes. You will receive an automatic email notifying you that your auto-ship order is getting ready to ship. Please be sure that your address information and payment information are current on your auto-ship orders to avoid delays.


Why does the color of your soft chews and powder sometimes change?

Because our ingredients are derived from natural sources, the color of our soft chews and powders can sometimes change. For example, a botanical extract’s natural color can change depending on the time of year the plant was grown, how much rain fell, how hot the weather was, and the time of year the plant was harvested. A change in color, however, never affects the extract’s purity, potency, or its safety – nor does it affect the purity, potency, or safety of the finished ThorneVet product the ingredient is included in.

Where do you source your ingredients?

The suppliers of the raw materials that are supplied to ThorneVet changes from time to time. For this reason, as well as for competitive reasons, ThorneVet does not reveal the identity of the suppliers from which we obtain our raw materials. However, in every instance, for every raw material, the manufacturing processes used to produce the finished product effectively removes all residual allergens and any unwanted residual source material from the finished product, thus yielding the purest possible finished product, regardless of its original source.

Where do you manufacture your ingredients?

ThorneVet’s soft chew products and powdered products are manufactured by Green Mountain Animal in Milton, Vermont ( Like ThorneVet, Green Mountain Animal is one of the founding members of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), a proud accomplishment of both companies since 2002. As a fully audited member of NASC, Green Mountain Animal’s manufacturing processes comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines for manufacturing animal health supplements.

Does ThorneVet have a medical affairs team?

Yes. Dr. Keith Weingardt, DVM, CVA, owned and operated a holistic veterinary practice in San Diego, California, and currently owns and sees patients at Animal Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Weingardt spent two decades studying a wide array of modalities to support his patients. Dr. Weingardt is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, and he has received extensive training and certification in Chinese Medicine – Herbology. Dr. Weingardt blends a foundation of nutrition with both Chinese and Western herbal medicine and appropriate nutritional supplement support to achieve optimal health for his veterinary patients. Dr. Weingardt, who has a consulting relationship with ThorneVet, prepares the pet parent and veterinary educational materials on the ThorneVet website, as well as being available to answer questions from pet owners and veterinarians about ThorneVet products and their indications of use.

Does ThorneVet contribute to any charities or donations?

Yes. ThorneVet contributes our animal health products, as well as financial assistance, to worthwhile veterinary-based entities who support the health, wellness, safety, and protection of companion animals.

Where are you located?

ThorneVet’s administrative offices are located in Summerville, South Carolina. ThorneVet’s sales and operations offices are located in Vineyard, Utah, and Provo, Utah, respectively.