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Listen to a Podcast on Mushroom Extracts


Listen to Functional Medicine Physician and Thorne Research’s Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Robert Rountree, interview Jeff Chilton, the founder of Nammex, the producer of the mushroom extracts used in ThorneVet products – especially Mushroom Medley (link below).  Jeff shares his beginnings in mushroom cultivation going back to 1973 and how his passion for his craft has grown over five decades.  The discussion also touches on the important distinction between extracts produced from mushroom fruiting bodies as opposed to those extracted only from the mushroom mycelium.  Nammex is one of the biggest producers of high quality, organic, fruiting body mushroom extracts in the world – without mycelium – and ThorneVet is proud to use Nammex mushroom extracts exclusively in our ThorneVet formulations.

Listen Here!