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Your Questions About Quercetin for Pets Answered
Dr Keith Weingardt DVM, CVA, CTCVM – herbology, food therapy


In the realm of veterinary care, Quercetin for pets has become more than just a passing trend; it has emerged as a significant player in promoting optimal pet health. Looking beyond the buzz, this antioxidant polyphenol flavonoid stands out for its ability to offer unparalleled multi-system support. As veterinary professionals, understanding the depth and breadth of Quercetin’s benefits can reshape the way we approach pet care.


Multi-System Support: A Holistic Approach

Recognizing its versatility and power to offer multifaceted benefits to our four-legged patients, Quercetin plays key role in several ThorneVet pet supplements, including Heart Health Formula (formerly Bio-Cardio), Small Animal Antioxidant, Gut Health Formula (formerly Gastriplex), and (coming soon!) Longevity Complex.
This multi-system support unfolds in the following key areas for optimal health and quality of life for the long-term:

1. Inflammatory Response Powerhouse

Quercetin takes center stage as a formidable force in managing inflammation. By scavenging free radicals and promoting a healthy inflammatory response, Quercetin becomes an invaluable ally for pets grappling with arthritis, joint issues, and gastrointestinal health concerns.
The potential of this powerhouse ingredient to address diverse inflammatory-driven conditions positions it as a cornerstone in veterinary care.

2. Heart Health Hero

Numerous animal studies underscore Quercetin’s proficiency in providing protection to the heart muscle and delivering beneficial antioxidant support.
Its inclusion in heart-health formulations amplifies its significance, offering a natural and effective approach to the cardiovascular well-being of our furry friends.

3. Immune Function Booster

A potent immunomodulator, Quercetin takes on the role of fortifying the body’s defenses against common pathogens. The immune-boosting capabilities of Quercetin contribute to a robust defense system for pets, ensuring their resilience against potential health threats.
This attribute is particularly crucial for enhancing longevity and supporting animals with heightened oxidative burdens, such as working dogs.

4. Cellular Defense Mechanism

Cellular health lies at the core of longevity – with Quercetin emerging as a key player in this arena. Quercetin’s ability to combat oxidative stress makes it a vital component in both:

  1. safeguarding and maintaining cellular integrity, and
  2. promoting vitality at the cellular level.

All of which makes Quercetin an essential ingredient in pet supplements designed for comprehensive well-being. (Like ThorneVet’s soon-to-be-released Longevity Complex, for example.)

A Game-Changer for Pet Health

Considering this capacity for multi-system support, Quercetin is undoubtedly a genuine game-changer in veterinary medicine. Incorporating Quercetin into our arsenal can redefine and elevate our approach to pet care, open new avenues for promoting holistic health, and give our pet patients their best shot at vitality, vigor, and quality of life long into old age.