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ThorneVet – Canine Cognitive Support
by Keith Weingardt, DVM, CVA


ThorneVet’s newest product – Canine Cognitive Support – is a powerhouse of ingredients that are designed to support the cognitive and mental health of dogs. Although this formula can be safely and effectively used in dogs of all ages to support neurologic health, the formula particularly excels in supporting the aging dog.

Canine cognitive dysfunction can cause a variety of adverse symptoms that can negatively impact the quality of life of our pets. ThorneVet’s Canine Cognitive Support formula combines a dozen ingredients – potent antioxidants, phospholipids, botanicals, and tissue-ready B vitamins – to synergistically support the nervous system and protect against neurodegenerative disorders that can impact our canine friends.

Dimethylglycine (DMG) supports cognitive health from multiple pathways. DMG acts as an antioxidant that crosses the blood-brain barrier, in addition to enhancing energy production for the brain by increasing creatine and phosphocreatine. DMG also provides building blocks for the brain’s neurotransmitters, as well as optimizing circulation and oxygen utilization in the brain. Similarly, the amino acid L-arginine is well known for boosting nitric oxide production, which improves cerebro-cortical blood flow. Optimizing circulation to the canine brain enhances and maintains peak neurologic function.

Canine Cognitive Support combines several botanical ingredients that have been widely shown to support healthy nervous system function, as well as preventing neurodegenerative disorders. Gingko biloba, Avena sativa, and Bacopa monnieri exhibit antioxidant effects, enhance circulation, and nourish the nervous system. These mechanisms of action benefit memory and mood, while also alleviating stress and anxiety.

The inclusion of the important membrane phospholipid – phosphatidylserine, provides support for stabilizing neuronal membranes.  This beneficial attribute helps prevent the many adverse effects of inflammation and guards against neurodegeneration.

Alpha lipoic acid and astaxanthin are potent antioxidants that have been shown to protect the nervous system from oxidative damage by scavenging free radicals and preventing the harmful effects of inflammation on the brain. Many neurodegenerative conditions have inflammation at the root of their pathology. Working to minimize the negative effects of inflammatory processes has a supportive effect on the proper functioning of the nervous system in the aging dog.

Finally, a suite of four B vitamins play a crucial role in supporting a healthy nervous system because they are prominently involved in cellular energetic pathways, exhibit antioxidant and neuroprotective effects, and support both myelin and neurotransmitter synthesis. By including several tissue-ready forms of B vitamins (vitamin B6 as pyridoxal-5-phosphate, vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin, and folate as L-5-MTHF) in the Canine Cognitive Support formula, this novel ThorneVet supplement ensures that the synergistic support of these integral vitamins is present in their most bioavailable forms.

Dr. Keith Weingardt owned and operated holistic veterinary practices in San Diego, California and Portland, Oregon.  He currently practices in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Weingardt has spent almost two decades studying a wide array of modalities to support his patients. He is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and has received extensive training and certification in Chinese Medicine – Herbology. Dr. Weingardt blends a foundation of nutrition with both Chinese and Western herbal medicine and appropriate nutritional supplement support to achieve optimal health for his veterinary patients.

Dr. Weingardt has a consulting relationship with ThorneVet.