Vitamin D-10,000

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  1. Ben Jenkins (verified owner)

    I’m falling in love with the THORNE vitamins! They don’t have all the crap and preservatives that other companies put in their vitamins and I’ve noticed a huge difference. So far I’ve tried the Vitamin C with Flavanoids (fancy name) and the other Vitamin D-5000. I haven’t been able to tell a major difference between the D-5000 and D-10,000, so I’ve been opting for the D-10,000 just to make sure I’m getting what I need. Most of the Vitamin D you find in the stores like Costco, Sams, Walmart, Target, etc are only 2000 IU. If you work indoors/have a desk job, etc you’re probably like me and test lower for Vitamin D. My doctors recommended higher IUs to get my levels back to where they need to be and these are working perfectly.

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