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ThorneVet Quality


ThorneVet is forging the path forward by achieving levels of quality once thought impossible.

 ThorneVet is guided by three principles:  source the highest-quality ingredients, ensure the cleanest manufacturing process, and protect the environment. Although many in the animal supplement industry care more about what their products look like or taste like than how they actually work, ThorneVet believes that all the marketing in the world can’t replace the science, technology, and industry-leading practices we use that have redefined the world of animal supplements.

ThorneVet products are manufactured accordingly to the highest standards.

We know that some brands don’t take the necessary steps to ensure their products meet the most rigorous standards. But we do. Because we believe, when it comes down to it, that you can’t truly control the quality of a product – and therefore its safety and efficacy – if you outsource its formulation to someone else. There are no shortcuts taken at ThorneVet. We demand safe and effective formulas.  We demand clean, green manufacturing practices. We refuse to use magnesium stearate or any other unnecessary ingredient that can inhibit nutrient absorption. We make all of our products in the United States. ThorneVet manufacturing has an outstanding record of compliance with industry certifications of the highest ratings.

Supply chain transparency matters to ThorneVet – We know it does to you, too.

ThorneVet cares deeply about where our ingredients come from. That’s why we source exceptional ingredients, maintain oversight of origin, and provide total supply chain transparency. We know where our ingredients come from – and so should you. We partner only with suppliers whose practices emphasize quality, science, and responsibility. Better ingredients mean better potency, absorption, and digestibility – and ultimately better health for our companion animals.

Protecting and managing our shared environment is an obligation we all share.

Protecting endangered botanical resources is one way we source ingredients in a responsible way that is protective of the environment. We take pride in being a steward of the botanical ingredients we use in our products. If we learn a botanical ingredient is becoming endangered or find that over-sourcing is diminishing the quality of an existing supply, then ThorneVet will discontinue the ingredient’s use in our product line and source a different raw material with a similar mechanism of action – but only after assuring the new ingredient has a quality profile that meets our standards.

Carefully Considered Products — Made Without Compromise