Immune Bundle

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 ModucareVet  is an ideal addition to Immugen for patients with auto-immune diseases and cancer. Click here to learn more about the Immune Bundle.
Immune Bundle Includes:
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Small Animal Antioxidant

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Why The Immune Bundle?

Immugen is a foundation of support for any pet with immune system challenges.  It can help animals with problems ranging from infection, allergy and auto-immune diseases to cancer.  The blend of adaptogenic herbs, antioxidants, medicinal mushrooms and nutrients provides a solid line of defense to aid an ailing, aberrant or ineffective immune response.  This support can be enhanced when combined with the plant sterols found in ModucareVet.  Plant sterols like beta-sitosterol have been shown to balance the level of T-cells which can enhance an animal’s cellular immunity while down-regulating the over-active part of the immune response.  This makes ModucareVet  an ideal addition to Immugen in the ThorneVet Immune Bundle for patients with auto-immune diseases and cancer.

For patients with more severe diseases like cancer and auto-immune disease, the addition of Small Animal Antioxidant to the Immune Bundle provides higher doses of antioxidants and additional compounds directed at scavenging free radicals and protecting cells from oxidative damage.  This formula also enhances glutathione production increasing cellular protection from toxic insult, especially in the liver.