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The highest veterinary standard of pet supplement you can give your dog, cat, or hourse to help them live the best life possible.

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The Pet Division of Thorne Research

We're here to help support veterinarians and caring pet owners because we have a shared passion for your animal's health.

We're known for providing the purest, highest quality animal nutraceuticals on the market. The foundation of our company is science and education for veterinarians and customers alike. No matter your needs, we are dedicated to helping you serve your animals with the highest efficacy, full transparency, clean manufacturing using the cleanest ingredients possible. We have set the same standards and regulations of quality ingredients for our animals, as we do for humans.

We're So much More than JUST a Pet Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer

We develop the leading scientifically-based veterinarian formulas in the world, and provide you with the educational tools on how to use them more effectively. This is why so many Veterinarians recommend our product and why so many pet owners trust us with their pets.

Here's how we pace the market:

Scientific Formulas

We’ve developed the most advanced, scientifically-based veterinarian formulas in the world and independently put their efficacy to the test.

Clean Ingredients

Highest quality ingredients, Manufactured 100% clean (including environmental standards) with a fully transparent production line; no common allergens or contaminants.

The Leader in
Veterinarian Education

Introducing Thorne Vet Integrative Guide to veterinarian medicine - an accelerated education systems for holistic veterinarians and other professionals on how to effectively use supplements to treat and heal more animals.

Our Featured Products

Looking for a specific solution? We have the protocol.

ThorneVet products provide natural relief from inflammation, joint pain, digestive problems, aging, stress, anxiety, and other common issues of your companion animals. Our products also support a healthy immune system, coat and skin, mouth and gums, bones and joints, and everything in-between. The easy directory below can guide you to the product solution you're looking for.

As a Division of Thorne Research, we offer the same quality standards in our animal product line as we do for our human products

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We're NASC Primary Suppliers Certified. We're responsible suppliers of animal health and nutritional supplements for dogs, cats, and horses. We're committed to quality, vigilance, and continuous improvement to promote the wellbeing of companion animals. All NASC Primary Suppliers must sign and abide by the NASC Code of Conduct. We complete an independent facility audit and comply with the NASC’s stringent quality requirements to earn permission to display the NASC Quality Seal on our products.

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20 Year Anniversary Seal

We've been manufacturing the highest quality supplements for both humans and companion animals for over 20-years.

Proud Partner of 2k Veterinarian's

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Approved by the US Olympic Committee

On the human side, Thorne Research is so well respected that we are the only label allowed by the US Olympic Committee. We use the same quality standards for pet health that we do for humans. We adhere to the same high level of manufacturing and ingredient transparency, and subject all of our products to independent third party testing.


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