Our heritage goes back to 1984 and the founding of Thorne Research. Thorne Research had a longstanding reputation – earned over 18 years – of manufacturing superior quality nutritional supplements for human use when, in 2002, the ThorneVet product line first became an integral part of Thorne Research.

Although ThorneVet became independent from Thorne Research in November 2019, the new owners of ThorneVet had been employees of Thorne Research for a combined total of 33 years. The same principles that guided ThorneVet for its first 18 years – transforming animal care outcomes with superior animal supplements, supporting veterinarians in their practice, and delivering empowering information to pet owners – will continue to guide the new ThorneVet.

Although this video is a bit dated, it’s an excellent example of the passion and enthusiasm that Alex Pearson, ThorneVet’s President of Sales, brings every day to his commitment to helping veterinarians and pet parents maintain the health and wellness of companion animals.

Pet parents are looking for alternative ways to help their four-legged friends live their best lives possible. After all, they are members of the family! ThorneVet is the recognized industry leader in providing supplement formulas that promote health in pets. ThorneVet has been building a following among veterinarians for nearly two decades. This following has continued to grow organically as more vets see the benefits of recommending ThorneVet supplements and informational materials to pet owners.

Improve your care outcomes with the latest research.

By partnering with world-renowned pet health experts to advance the science of nutritional care for companion animals, we are transforming the industry in a profound way.
Our main mission is to be the trusted partner for veterinarians, and provide research-based tools that support you in your practice, so you can devote your time to healing animals.

We support the health of your practice.

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